The multifunctional log splitter GO-CUT represents the new concept of wood splitting: the trunk is shifted, quickly split and its split sections moved with just one equipment and just one operator. Compared to the traditional work practices in use up till now, it is therefore evident the considerable reduction in processing times and the consequent decreasing in costs. The GO-CUT log splitter is modular: with extreme simplicity you can remove the arm where the log grab is fixed and use it only as wood splitter. The possibility of tilting the arm makes uncoupling operations very handy with any kind of swift coupler. The log splitter GO-CUT is currently available in two versions for excavators from 5 to 15 tons. This equipment is under patent pending from C.E.A. di CORNAGLIA srl.

GO-CUT 400
GO-CUT 500
GO-CUT 400 T
GO-CUT 500 T

CR 1/80/25
KIT 3/8

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